We offer equipment and processing plant of fruit and vegetables

With regard to fruit and vegetable processing technologies we offer the following

- Washing of fruits and vegetables: water, brush, drum

- Transporters for inspection and filing

- Shredders

- Vertical rubing machines one and two-stage

- Blansching machines

- Spraying-immersing pasteurizers

- Bath pasteurizers

- Basket pasteurizers

- Vacuum evaporator to prepare the tomato paste, juice, jam, etc.

- Product fillers and sealants

- Packing aseptic bag in box for juice concentrate and other products

- Horizontal and vertical avtoclaves

- Potato chips drier

Production lines for:

- Production and packaging of ketchup

- Manufacture of yoghurt batches

- The production of mustard and mayonnaise

- compote and cucumber line

- Juice concentrate

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